We get many mails per day with student inquiries, here we have compiled the most frequently asked questions regarding South Sweden Flight Academy and our programs.

 We will constantly update the the list so don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find your answers here!



Q.      How do I apply?

You will find a digital application form in each course page and look through the Student Guide for Application procedures and other useful information.

Q.      Are your courses eligible for CSN (National Board of Student Loans)

Yes, our off-shore programs with training based in for example Florida, USA are eligible for student loan for abroad studies.

Our courses in Sweden are not CSN eligible. Unfortunately only one flight school i Sweden is CSN approved but we offer an alternative route for those wanting to realize their dream of becoming a pilot! For example, we hold theory on weekends to let students work while studying and we also offer payment plans to minimize the up-front cost. Many of our students finance their studies through work, savings, loans or private sponsors. Information about payment plans you can find in the Student Guide.

Q.      Do you accept international students?

Yes we do! Please look through the Student Guide for Application procedures and Swedish Migration Agency's website you can also find information on how to apply for student visa.

Q.      Do you offer scholarships?

We are partners with Women in Aviation who offers scholarships. Please find more information here: Women in Aviation .

Q.      How can I get a Student Visa?

You should apply for your visa to Sweden no earlier than 4 months before course start. In order to apply for visa you have to get a letter of enrolment from us with attached curriculum. Make sure you have time for our application process as well. When you have sent us a complete course application, with required attachments you will get a decision from us within a week. If you are eligible for the course the enrolment letter and documents will be sent as soon as the Registration Fee i paid.

For US visas our partner-school will assist in much the same way.

Q.      How much is the Registration Fee?

You'll find Registration fees for each course here: Registration Fees. The Registration fee will be credited toward your Course Tuition, less 10% Administration fee (minimum SEK 1000).

Q.      Where can I stay when studying in Sweden?

For short visits close to the school we recommend the airport hotel: Sturup Airport Hotel

For short - long visits in Malmö City we recommend the hostel: Rut och Ragnars Vandrarhem

For more suggestions for shorter and longer visits you can check out: Airbnb Malmö Area

For very long visits we recommend Student Apartments in Malmö: Heimstaden or Oxie: Minervastudent

Q.      Where can I get my medical?

The school does not have any associations with any clinics but you can contact these for more information:

Flygmedicinskt Centrum in Malmö (First time Class 1 and 2 and renewals)
Capio Flygmedicin in Lund (First time Class 2 and renewals for Class 1 and 2)

Here you can find more clinics around Sweden: Transportstyrelsen

Q.      Where can I get my language assessment?

Please find a list of language assessors here: Transportstyrelsen

Q.      Where can I find a CAA approved invigilator for my theory examination?

Please find a list of theory invigilator here: Transportstyrelsen

PPL and CBIR examinations can be done at the invigilators location, ATPL examinations has to be done at an ATO who offers ATPL theory.

Q.      Where can I get my books and uniform?

You can order directly from our partner 

Q.      What happens if I drop out of a course?

Please read our Terms of Purchase for more information.