ATPL THEORY - Distance Learning

ATPL theory has a rolling schedule, you can join any time.

We offer distance learning but also full time in-class theory read more here.

With distance learning you can progress at your own pace, using a state-of-the-art computer based training program ATPdigital from Bristol Groundschool which has been designed to split the subjects across three modules; each module has a distance learning phase followed by a instructor lead revision course at the school just before your exams. 

There are three tests,

  • Progress Tests (PT), open book completed at home followed by;
  • Mandatory Tests (MT), done at the school under supervision, followed by;
  • CAA examination (PEXO), done at the school with a CAA examiner.

The purpose of the intensive revision days at the school is to consolidate your learning, correct any misunderstandings and prepare you for the exams.  In addition to the revision sessions we run weekly live webinars that count toward your instructor lead theory. We also offer students the opportunity to study at the academy in study groups and instructors are always available during weekdays should you need extra support. Hard copy training manuals are also available as an optional extra.

Maths and Physics

Before you start the ATPL study, there is a module on Maths and Physics. This serves two purposes; first it is a refresher for you if you have not studied these subjects for a while. Secondly, it satisfies the regulatory requirement that we ensure your level of knowledge is sufficient for the remainder of the course. The Maths and Physics module is conducted in the CBT only and there are no EASA exams associated with it.

The the following subjects are divided over 3 ATPL modules:

010 – Air Law

021 – Airframe and Systems, Electrics, Power Plant and Emergency Equipment

022 – Instrumentation

031 – Mass and Balance

032 – Performance

033 – Flight Planning and Flight Monitoring

040 – Human Performance and Limitations

050 – Meteorology

061 – General Navigation

062 – Radio Navigation

070 – Operational Procedures

081 – Principles of Flight

092 – IFR Communications

100 – KSA Knowledge, Skills & Attitude


When you have completed each module you may attempt the PEXO examinations with a CAA Examiner. You must register with the CAA and we will help you with the registration. The examination will be done at the ATO. The exams fees are payable directly to the CAA. Please note that you must pass all exams within 18 months of your first exam sitting.  You have a total of 6 sittings to pass all the exams and no more than 4 attempts at any one subject within those 6 sittings.

Be aware that all the lessons in ATPdigital must be completed before you can attend the in-class revision course or take the examinations. Progress is recorded through a series of short quizzes for each lesson (which require 100% to pass), as well as larger progress tests to conclude each significant section. ATPdigital automatically sends us the results and your progress.

ATPL Distance Learning Course Fees

To register for our ATPL(A) distance learning courses, simply complete our application form and mail it in. Payment is done by creditcard at the school or by banktransfer*.

The CAA exam fees are not included in the cost of the course. The exams are SEK 400 per exam and will be billed by the CAA after we register you as a ATPL student at South Sweden Flight Academy. 

* Once your registration has been processed and tuition is paid, a link to your digital learning materials will be immediately sent by e-mail and your GSPRM Jeppesen Student Route Manual is dispatched by courier to your address or to school for pick up. Shipping charges may apply if you choose to order hard copy training manuals. 


10 - 13 months

Course includes

  • 650 hrs theory
  • Whereof 100 hrs instructor lead review sessions
  • Weekly live webinars
  • Instructors available weekdays at school for questions
  • Student initaded study groups at school
  • Up-to-date question bank (12 month subscription)
  • Digital Training Material
  • School Tests and re-takes

Entry Requirements

  • 18 years or older
  • Valid PPL issued to ICAO standards.
  • Passing grades in English, Mathematics & Physics from at least High School, alternatively pass a pre-entry test
  • Medical Class 1


Airline Transport Pilot

License Theory

Full time in-class ATPL theory

Distance learning is a very popular choice for ATPL theory but we understand it does not suit everybody and we offer in-class theory as well which includes 650 hours instructor lead training on campus.

We need a minimum of 7 students to run the course.

Please send us a mail if you are interested! Here you'll find our prices.

The Small Print

Complete courses are calculated for minimum required in-class theory hours, if you need extra tutuoring please see Hourly Rates for prices for extra tutoring hours. Also note that, should you not complete your course within specified course duration, additional costs may apply.

Please read our Terms of Purchase.

Not included in tuition fee:

Hard copy books (optional)



Authority's examnination fees

Immigration fees