Competency Based Instrument Rating - Single Engine

The aim of the CBIR rating is to fly an aeroplane under instrument flight rules with a minimum decision height of 200 feet (60 metres).

If you want to use the privileges of the IR(A) at night and you only hold a PPL(A) you will also need to hold a Night rating.

The theory runs as saturday-sunday intensive classroom sessions, every third weekend, plus home studies.


3 - 4 months

Course includes

  • 80 hrs in-class theory
  • 35 hrs flight training whereof 10 hrs simulator training (FNPT 1)

    If you have documented 5 hrs of Instrument time normally included in a PPL, you may credit this. 

Entry Requirements

  • Valid PPL(A) or CPL(A) with SEP
  • Night Rating (To avoid the restriction; IFR during daylight only)
  • 50 hrs cross country flight time as PIC
  • Medical Class 2 or Class 1


Competency Based

Instrument Rating

MEP with IR

We do offer a MEP IR as an add-on to a SEP IR and MEP VFR

You must have completed the flight training requirements for the issue of a multi-engine class rating before beginning training for a multi engine instrument rating.

Additional IR training required:

  • 3 hrs theory
  • 5 hrs flight training