Class Rating Instructor ME (Single Pilot Aircraft)

The course is intended to give adequate knowledge and skills in the task of instruction towards Class Rating Multi Engine Aircraft.

The course, as far as practical, integrate both the theory and the practical flying. Flight lessons are scheduled in a continuous basis throughout the program. Theoretical lessons are usually given over three days  with a pre-requirement of 25 hours of Teaching and Learning.


1 - 2 weeks

Course includes

  • 15 hrs in-class theory
  • 5 hrs flight training

Entry Requirements

  • At the discretion of the Head of Training, possess an attitude suitable for an airman.

  • Valid license PPL(A) or higher.

  • Valid rating FI(A) or evidence of previous training in Teaching and

    Learning adequate to fulfill requirements of FCL.930.FI FI.

  • Valid class rating ME(A).

  • 500 hours of total flying time in aircraft, whereof at least 30 hours shall be on applicable class or type as pilot in command


Class Rating Instructor ME