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Flight training requires a lot of time and effort and is a great investment for the student. Sometimes things change in life, you get a new job, you need to relocate or your current school cannot offer all the courses you want and you have to find an alternative to your initial plans.

We can help you if you are in a middle of a course or module as well, just make sure to get full documentation of your training from your current school.

Whatever your situation we can offer a solution! This page is meant to be a guide but don't hesitate to contact us for more information. 

First a little bit about us

South Sweden Flight Academy is Southern Sweden's largest flightschool and situated at Malmö Sturup Airport. We have been active since 2015 offering modular training from Zero to MCC. We're family owned and known for our flexible service and attentive support of our students.

Our students come from all around the world and our instructors are professionals with backgrounds both in the air-force and commercial airlines.

As an added mark of quality our training is under supervision of the

Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (MYH).

Calculate your cost

Below you will find prices for our modules, our packages and our hourly rates. You can now calculate the cost depending on where you are in your training, what theory you have done or still need, how many flight hours you have at the moment etc. All prices are in Swedish Krona (SEK), no VAT is added for private persons.

OUR MODULES     |     Prices Includes, flight training, instructors and digital learning material

PPL - Private Pilot License

140 000

NR - Night Rating

21 000

ATPL Theory

55 000

CPL - Commercial Pilot License Practical course*

90 000

CBIR - Competency Based Instrument Rating

138 000

MEP - Multi Engine Piston Class Rating

59 000

AUPRT - Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training

21 000

MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation

49 000

* ATPL or CPL theory required

OUR PACKAGES     |     Prices Includes, flight training, instructors and digital learning material

CPL/ME/IR Practical Course

294 000

ME VFR + IFR Class Rating

91 000

ATPL Theory

55 000








Cessna 172

2 515

2 789

3 333

Piper PA28R

3 166

3 372

3 166

Gulfstr- GA7

6 005

FNTP 1 -PA28

1 600

1 665

1 900

1 665

HOURLY PRICE FOR TIME BUILDING     |     Excluding instructor

Cessna 172

1 915

Piper PA28R

2 498

Gulfstream GA7

5 405

*Due to the rising fuel prices a temporary fuel surcharge will be added per hour:

Cessna 172: 60kr/hr   Piper PA28: 80kr/hr   Gulfstream GA7: 200kr/hr

The surcharge will be removed as prices go back to normal. 

HOURLY PRICE FOR EXTRA GROUND SCHOOL     |     Including instructor

Additional Private Tutoring



Flight Training

Malmö Sweden


Allow yourself a buffer of 10-15% on top of your flight training costs to cover school material, extra flight hours and CAA costs such as theoretical test fees and skilltest fees.


Depending on your own personal requirements  we can refer you to student accommodations in Malmö with prices starting at SEK 5000/month. Also SSFA has a transportation offer for 950/month covering all of Skåne and the Airport Shuttle from Malmö.

You can also find more useful information on our Frequently Asked Questions page!

The Small Print

Modular courses and packages are calculated for minimum required flighthours, be aware that you might need more hours to meet required standard for skilltest and you might need extra ground school tutoring hours to freshen up. On our web you can also read our Terms of Purchase.

Not included in prices above:


Hard copy books (optional)

Pilot material such as headsets, logbooks, rulers etc.



Landing fees abroad (optional)

Handling agents abroad (optional)

Hotel, food and taxi when overnighting during for example IR nav flights (optional)

Authority's certificate fees & Medical

Immigration fees