0 - MCC

Full Airline Pilot Course

The training is aimed at students who aspire to be employed as a pilot at an airline. Students receive the theoretical knowledge required to become a captain after gaining adequate practical experience as a first officer.

Courses are conducted as full-time training starting from zero to MCC. The training is normally conducted five days per week scheduled during all days of the week. We hold theory during the weekends and flight training 7 days a week.

Our courses are taught in English.


24 months

Course includes

  • 750 hrs theory
  • 200 hrs flight training and time building

After completing the training, the student will be in possession of:

  • CPL - Commercial Pilot License
  • NR - Night Rating
  • SEP - Single Engine Piston Rating
  • MEP - Multi Engine Piston Rating
  • IR-SE - Instrument Rating Single Engine
  • IR-ME - Instrument Rating Multi Engine
  • AUPRT - Advanced Upset Prevention & Recovery Training
  • MCC - Multi Crew Cooperation

Entry Requirements

  • 18 years or older
  • Passing grades in English, Mathematics & Physics from at least High School, alternatively pass a pre-entry test
  • Medical Class 1

Full Airline Pilot Course 

699 000

Price (in swedish kronor SEK)

The Small Print

Complete courses are calculated for minimum required flighthours, be aware that you might need more hours to meet required standard for skilltest. See Hourly Rates for prices for extra flight and tutoring hours. Please read our Terms of Purchase.

Not included in prices above:


Books & Material (except for ATPL theory)



Landing fees abroad (optional)

Handling agents abroad (optional)

Hotel, food and taxi when overnighting during for example IR nav flights (optional)

Authority's certificate fees & Medical

Immigation fees

0 - MCC

Full Airline Pilot Course