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Next Theory Course start:

Private Pilot.......................... 1/10 2017

ATPL..................................... 5/2 2018

Night Qualification............... 22/10 2017

Multi Engine......................... 16/9 2017

Instrument Rating................ 7/10 2017

Practical Flight Planning..... 15/9 2017

Flight Instructor................... 4/11 2017


A guide for you who want to teach PPL(A)



South Sweden School of Aeronautics is offering course in Flight Instructor Rating FI(A).

The theory courses focuses on Human Performance and Limitations and pilot-studets briefings.

The practical courses are intended for pilots that follow the theoretical courses. The theory is based on PPL(A) syllabi.



Well, …

By taking this course you are intent on teaching the next generation of students.

...and remember...

No person will be more influential in nurturing your desire to fly than your first flight instructor. A good flight instructor will make the flight training process enjoyable while challenging, teaching you the intricacies of flight at a pace that is suitable to your schedule and level of learning.



It does require a commitment.

The practical flying requires a more of a structured attitude than the average VFR pilot is used to.

But difficult: No.



125 hours of instructor led instructions and students lesson presentation.

The courses normally runs as saturday-sunday intensive classroom sessions every third weekend plus home studies. This has proven to be the most efficient and popular schedule for "out of town" students and easy on the family.



Often referred to as simulator. The proper name is Synthetic Training Device type Flying and Navigation Procedure Trainer I.

The course uses a maximum 5 hours of FNPT I training, a particularly efficient way of initial training, and cheap.



We use the schools own Cessna 150 Aerobat and Rockwell Commander in Sturup and the aircrafts of the flying clubs of Halmstad, Sjöbo and Kristianstad, situated in the southern part of Sweden. You will be trained in C150, C172, PA28 and AC11.

The training comprises 30 hours of actual aircraft training of which 25 hours shall be dual flight instruction.



Completed at least 200 hours of flight time of which not less than 100 hours shall be pilot-in-command (PIC) if holding an ATPL(A) or CPL(A), or if holding a PPL(A), 150 hours PIC.

Met the theoretical knowledge requirements for a CPL(A).

Completed at least 30 hours on single-engine piston powered aeroplanes of which at least five hours shall have been completed during the six months preceding the pre-entry flight test.

Received at least 10 hours instrument flight instruction of which not more than five hours may be instrument ground time in a flight simulator or FNPT.

Completed at least 20 hours of cross-country flight as PIC, including a flight totalling not less than 540 km.

Passed a specific pre-entry theoretical and practical flight test to the school´s standards within the six months preceding the start of the course.

An applicant for a flight instructor rating shall be at least 18 years of age.

An English language proficiency level 5 as written in the applicants license shall suffice.