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South Sweden School of Aeronautics

Next Theory Course start:

Private Pilot.......................... 1/10 2017

ATPL..................................... 5/2 2018

Night Qualification............... 22/10 2017

Multi Engine......................... 16/9 2017

Instrument Rating................ 7/10 2017

Practical Flight Planning..... 15/9 2017

Flight Instructor................... 4/11 2017



Few professions have the same attraction and status as being a pilot , a group of professional men and women who really are in control , that has style, that is envied.


Being a pilot is a way of life , to take responsibility, be reliable , be able to take decisions, to be precise, to have concern.





The training is aimed at people with no previous flying experience that train to the level required to be employed as a co-pilot in an airline. Students also have the theoretical knowledge required to be a captain, which he expected to become after some of years of experience.


After completing the training , the student is in possession of:

CPL , Commercial Pilot's License

NQ , Night Qualification

SEP, Single Engine Piston

MEP , Multi- Engine Piston

IR / SE, Instrument Rating Single Engine

IR / ME , Instrument Rating Multi Engine

MCC, Multi Crew Cooperation





Courses are conducted as full-time integrated study during 24 months , with breaks for summer vacation, Christmas break , winter break and spring break . The training is normally conducted five days per week , which does not mean that the free days are Saturday - Sunday. Part of the course is dependent on the weather , and changes in schemes will occur.





Training takes place in parts, with targets to be met with associated tests and examinations.


1 , PPL .

Private Pilot License is to compare with a drivers license for a car. First level. After passing theory and practical flight training the student may fly privately with smaller aircraft in good weather conditions. This module also includes NQ , Night Qualification , to become qualified to fly during night time .


2 , Time building .

The student will fly around in Europe to build experience . A popular part where students can make their own, within limits, decitions where he or she wants to fly , where he or she would like to stay overnight, what he or she wants to see.


3 , ATPL theory.

Air Transport Pilot License theory.

The most demanding part , the student is studying and examined in thirteen subjects.


4 , IR .

Instrument Rating.

The student will be trained to fly in all weather conditions, be able to fly an airplane solely by reference to the instruments in the plane.


5 , CPL .

Commercial Pilots License.

Students are trained to a higher accuracy than what is required for the PPL .


6 , ME .

Multi Engine. Pupils receive theory and practical training to fly multi-engine aircraft.


7 , MCC.

Multi Crew Cooperation. The student will be trained to work in a cockpit that requires more than one pilot. This is a requirement for employment by an airline.





Applicants must :

- Be at least 18 years old.

- Have a secondary school diploma with passing grades in Mathematics, Physics and English ( much of the teaching is in English) .

- Have a valid Class I Medical



Prices :


The price for the course is paid monthly with

Skr 18,750.-, Totaling 450,000.-


NOT included in the course fee :

- Food and lodging.

- The Authority's certificate fees.

- Cake at the skill test .