South Sweden School of Aeronautics

Next Theory Course start:

Private Pilot.......................... 1/10 2017

ATPL..................................... 5/2 2018

Night Qualification............... 22/10 2017

Multi Engine......................... 16/9 2017

Instrument Rating................ 7/10 2017

Practical Flight Planning..... 15/9 2017

Flight Instructor................... 4/11 2017

Frequently Asked Questions



Q - Why do you not have a nicer website?

A - Same reson as we do not advertize, you the student would have to pay for it.


Q - I want to have more Multi Engine time during the training, can I do the courses in a twin?

A - You can do the full IR course in an ME aircraft. Our CPL course includes some advanced manouvers that is best done in an aerobatic aircraft.


Q - Why do you not have Glass Cockpit, Garmin 1000?

A - We do have G1000 equipped aircrafts, but we have experienced poor performance from pilots solely trained with such equipment. We train basic instrument flying using "classic" instruments, but we do however frequently fly the International Navigation Training using G1000.


Q - How can you be so cheap?

A - The founder of the school was himself once a poor student with a dream. The school is driven by ideology to be the best money can buy at a price as low as possible. No excesses allowed. No large administration.


Q - You have no entry tests?

A - Correct, we do not have an expensive "test" where everybody are told that "just you" are specifically suited to becomea pilot. If you are not suited, we will tell you for free.


Q - Why do you not offer EIR, En Route Instrument Rating?

A - We consider it dangerous. If you fly EIR you have to have, in most cases, a cloud base of 3,000 feet. We offer Competence Based IR, same theory and some more flying training, but you can then make an Instrument approach down to 200 feet.


Q - How many instructors do you have and what are their qualifications?

A - We have nine flying instructors, three simulator and five theory instructors. The main part have more than 10,000 flying hours each, mainly in taxi and corporate flying where you gain real experience. All the instructors also have vast exprerience in teaching.


Q - Why did you move to Sturup?

A - International airport, open 24/7, snow removal, lights, IFR, good localities, friendly ATC, and cheaper than the old Eslöv Airport.


Q - What aircrafts do you use?

A - GA-7 Gulfstream Cougar, AC-11 Commander, Cessna 150, Piper Cherokee, Diamond DA-40.


Q - Why the Cougar?

A - We could have bought any aircraft and choose a stable and common aircraft to train initial Multi Engine. All metal, "big aircraft feel", roomy. It was a not a difficult decision.


Q - Can I sleep at the school?

A - We do have simple accomodation, rooms with access to shower, kitchen, dining room, washing mashine and dryer, leasure room with television. We as well have a student´s car available.